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Story says support reasonable gun control.

As a Teacher, I have been in the classroom with students when a lockdown was announced.  So soon after the Newton shootings. I remember the day when the loudspeakers blared: "this is not a drill!" All the kids, stunned, turned to me, their teacher. I could see the fear in their eyes; having a 2nd Amendment right did not produce instant bravado.  “What do we do?” was their question to me. I followed the procedure, but I couldn't go out to ensure the door was locked.  I was a substitute that day, I didn't have a key.  So, I pushed all the kids in the corner away from the door behind me and made sure I had a distance between them and me, that if anyone came violently through that door, they'd have to go through me first. I kept looking at the silent kids, reassigning to new locations, those I thought might be in the line of visible fire. I stood at the door. Just listening for the bullets to start flying, listening for the sound that the "no drill" announcement, had turned into terrifying real fire and knowing that behind me were those kids, every parent's treasure and my sacred charge.


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New America Agenda

Johnson for congress exploratory committee 

Greeley, Colorado, USA.

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