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This amendment proposal represents the deep respect I hold for the American family in all its lawful and developed cultural forms not illegal but also not a majority view.  At the same time, my Christian values compels me to have safeguards for the religious liberty of my faith to live out to the full God's ordained marriage principle as taught by Jesus Christ, His Apostles and saints.

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We, the People of the United States, in order to perfect an equal right to Love and Marriage and preserve equality to ourselves and our progeny between and among the Adult Genders, and to preserve  liberty within families Free of prejudice and discrimination, and to establish common ground among our diverse families free of discrimination and coercion for all generations, declare to wit:


Section 1: The right of any adult person to equality under the law in love and contract to marriage, and the right to be free from any form of persecution in love and contract to marriage, shall not be abridged.  


Section 2: The right of any State of the United States to define marriage as exclusive between one man and one woman, for reasonable state purposes other than annulment of a union in love of adult citizens recognized as a Marriage in another State, shall not be construed as abridgement. 


Section 3: The right of any historically traditional religious faiths within the United States to limit the definition of Marriage under this Amendment to one man and one woman, for all purposes within their institutions, shall not be construed as abridgement.  


Section 4: The right of Parents to direct, guide, and safeguard the development of their minor children shall not be infringed, except to preserve a minor child’s life and liberty interest. 


Section 5: Any person whose rights are violated under this provision, whether by the State police power, under color of Law, or by private citizens shall have the power of civil suit, trial by jury, and the right to punitive damages by a preponderance of the Evidence.


Section 6: Nothing in this Amendment shall be construed to grant either liberty right or Interest in adult unions in polygamy, incest or any similar aberrant

union contrary to Nature and Nature's God. 


Section 7: Sections 1 & 2 of this  Amendment shall not be construed to apply to any pre-adult person under 21 years of birth.  States shall have all legislative and police power to regulate relations to all persons under 21 years of Age, subject to section 4 of this Amendment.


Section 8: Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.  


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