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A Balance Budget Amendment To End Foreign Wars

If elected to Congress, I will advocate for a Balance Budget Amendment to our Constitution. Here is why. Only a Balance Budget Amendment will restore sanity to to our foreign policy. Only a balance budget amendment will force each generation to be fair to the next generation. Only a balance budget amendment will put a stop to the funding of foreign wars that have nothing do with America's national defense. And only a Balance Budget Amendment will prolong America's longevity and structural integrity.

We have at present a $1.5 Trillion dollar budget deficit and a $34 Trillion debt. In this context, our treasury is broke, we are either borrowing or printing money to pay not for America's basic needs but for other countries defenses. This leads to higher prices for Americans at the grocery counter, at the apartment rental, and in the doctor's office. -- we have too much homelessness as a direct result of not budgeting for more housing.

Because we are overstretched in foreign policy and foreign wars commitments, we don't mandate 21st century domestic policies comparable to most advanced nations. Service employees in our country don't dare ask their employers a week unpaid sick leave, least they are fired. In the EU they give their employees 6wks of paid leave! Their people get universal healthcare, ours lose their homes if they get a major sickness or have to fund healthcare on go fund me websites. Our taxpayers are getting the raw end of the deal. They don't have secure borders, healthcare, housing, employment security if their family members get sick, because there is a limit to how much money we can print and how much of our dollars China will buy up.

On the other hand, Europe citizens can have all these things Americans are denied because we spend 43% more than Europeans to help defend the EU. Our Navy has to defend the world seas -- which is still not large enough to defend our trade routes in the Asian Pacific -- because European countries like Germany can barely send a lone frigate to the red sea to protect international shipping. Why should they spend money on a larger Navy when America, deep in debt to do it, will send one of its 11 Aircraft carriers to keep trade flowing on the seas for them? Why do we do this? Is having pride that the Europeans want us to do it? You know how perverse that is? We want European to trust us, our "favorite nation" to adore us, so to gain that worthless adoration we bankrupt ourselves?

By any rational measure, our taxpayers are getting the raw end of the deal! That is a significant reason I support a Balance Budget Amendment to our Constitution. To force today's and future representatives of American taxpayers to think hard and long about where for what reason they are spending our tax dollars.

Our First President, George Washington warned Americans about perpetual alliances, particularly on the European continent, and for over 100 years, our leaders kept America neutral. From Washington himself, Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, all the way to the Presidency of McKinley. In the 1890s mental philosophy of the American mind was being pushed to change by the likes of President Teddy Roosevelt who wanted to prance on the World stage; with the rise of Woodrow Wilson, at the next major attempt to wean the America mind from its Neutrality doctrine, he aggressively tried to push the League of Nations on the American people after the irrelevant & forgotten war, World War I. Most Americans quickly returned to their natural independence position of Neutrality, rejecting the League of Nations. Japans sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and World war 2 became the basis for a major, but understandable shift in the American mind from Neutrality. That shift has now lasted 80 years, and in that time, in the midst of constant Wilsonian interventionism propagandizing, America has forgotten its Independence and the neutrality that flowed from its founding roots.

Alliances that made sense 80yrs ago in the mid-20th century make no national defense or budgetary sense as we head into the second quarter of the 21st century. No alliance has perpetual value or reciprocity. Read Washington's Farewell address. 19 European countries consistently fail to reach the 2% of GDP defense spending goals. And why should they? America is footing the bill and spending away the future of its children and grandchildren, chaining them to a relic paradigm that made sense for only a few years until the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. That was over 20 years ago, isn't that enough time for our foreign policy establishment to gain new wisdom?

"As our case is new," said our greatest President Abraham Lincoln, "We must think anew." No one in our foreign policy establishment is capable of thinking anew, of breaking free from Wilsonian interventionism, and giving the America people a national defense that makes sense for our budgetary capacity.

$300 Billion dollars, Collectively that is what Europe contributes to its own defense. That's some 20+ countries. Our country, all by itself, spends $700+ Billion to defend itself & the Europe (Basically the EU). If we wish to pass on a sound fiscal America for the next quarter of the 21st century, for Millennials and Gen Z, this kind of budget busting Wilsonian Interventionism far beyond our shores, where our soldiers are not fighting, is Unsustainable. We must return to Washingtonian Neutrality.

That is why I believe it is time for a Balance Budget Amendment in our Constitution. If elected, I will re-introduce & advocate H.J. Res. 15; This joint resolution proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting total outlays for a fiscal year from exceeding total receipts for that fiscal year unless Congress authorizes the excess by a two-thirds roll call vote. The Amendment would also require the President to submit an annual budget to Congress in which total outlays do not exceed total receipts. Only in this way, can we get control of our European passion drug habit, stop the military industrial lobby, clearly debate the domestic issues for our people we can afford, and get foreign countries hands out of our national pockets.

Only then will we be building a New America of the 21st century.

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