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In the Spirit of the New World

Restoring the spirit of the new world is the motivation for this Congressional campaign.

247 years ago the new world saw the birth of a new nation, our America. The rapid technological changes which have transformed travel, communications, medicine, warfare has led to an interconnected world well beyond the imagination even of Americans from just a couple generations back in the 1930s. Just before world war ii, it took a Ocean Liner a month to cross the Atlantic, it quickly became possible to cross in 6 hours by advance avionics. Landing Robots on Mars, 33.9 million miles from Earth, is now a regular accomplishment for us. Satellites orbit our earth in multitudes and sizes, and there have been space-stations in orbit since the 1970s. The Genome was fully mapped in the early 2000s, the computer revolution, accelerated by the microchip revolution, has now brought us to the doorstep of Artificial Intelligence.

Yet for all this progress and potential, there is a sense of deep unease among our fellow Coloradans Americans. We went from an industrial base that could sustain a family with one breadwinner, to a service economy that could no longer achieve this task. 77% of our economy became a service economy, trapping millions of our fellow citizens in low pay service jobs like: cashier, sales clerk, call center representatives. As a result, our nation, while still the largest economy in the world, it’s not an equitable economy. Our trillion dollar debt, our perpetual unbalanced national budgets, our over-extended military, all point to a crisis of economy.

Our families are being squeezed out of their traditional place as the core of a solid nation. A people, economically and culturally stressed, seeks places where they can find answers; and often demagogues come along, and begin to blame cultural and demographic shifts as the culprits. Common ground among fellow citizens is lost, and common sense goes out the window. Division not unity is the result. America came close to Autocracy in 2020 because of this disruption; we saw a rebellious mob enter the very halls of our Capitol, where a few attempted to keep in power the loser of the last Presidential election in violation of our traditions, our Constitution and our laws.

These failings did not just come out of the blue, their aggravations are a direct result of the duopoly. A two party structure, of Democrats and Republicans, that has squashed common ground efforts in our nation, and failed to open up our Democratic-Republican system to a wider variety of representation, that have usurped authority from local communities, imposed a straight jacket on the growth of employee led entities such as unions and cooperatives, and ignored the needs of the traditional family structure. And have kept a relic foreign policy in place, after almost a century, that is draining America in blood and treasure.

The spirit of the new world is far better than this my fellow Coloradans! New America is better than this. We are the children of the enlightenment, a nation premised on a Grand humanitarian idea, divinely inspired. America stands on the Law of Human Progress, and that is the New America expression of our right to life, the whole of life platform our party has nominated today. Our voters have turned their backs on the bygone America, and taken up the banner of Neutral America, High-tech, High-wage America.

This campaign is about leading America into a future of Neutrality, Peace, Progress and Prosperity. I will fight to strengthen our homeland. The dignity of every human person in our nation – from conception to natural death – will be honored and protected if I am elected. I will fight to expand the Affordable Care Act to Universality, I will propose the Gateway Act to and my War Powers Amendment to bring an end to the imperial presidency. I will support High-Speed Rail to stretch from New York to California, and I will fight to win the Climate battle. All of this is and more is the Mission of New America, of the generations of Gen Z and the Millennials. It is our great task of the 21st century. In the spirit of the new world, I and the American Solidarity Party will strive to bequeath a unified, equitable whole of life economy to New America, for ourselves and to our future generations.

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