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Taiwan is not Ukraine

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Active Larry Johnson 4m · Shared with Public The war-Democrats and Republicans frequently refer to the fate of Taiwan in their push to force American taxpayers to foot the bill for the European expansionist Russo-Ukrainian war. But that is comparing apples to oranges. Translation : "Continue the Wilsonian Era of foreign interventionism begun in 1918." My answer to that is a resounding, no! It's time to return to American Independence under a Washingtonian policy of dynamic neutrality, peace, progress and prosperity. The American taxpayers have already supported Ukraine to the tune of $130+Billion, securing its independence and sovereignty, but that is not enough for the pro war Democrats and Republicans, they demand another $24 billion not to secure Ukraine's independence but to humiliate a nuclear superpower and put America itself at existential risk for a conflict that doesn't involve our national defense.

Yes, I believe America's best future is in neutrality in foreign affairs. But I realize that is a hard vision to grasp for many modern Americans, having been induced to fighting wars worldwide, ever since President Wilson and the first world war. This is why I say America at present, is only ready for "Dynamic Neutrality" as new terms of foreign engagement are introduced to the American people. And they are made to realize all the domino theory scare tactics of the pro-interventionist factions are false.

So, turning to the question of the difference Taiwan is to Ukraine. I think it's abundantly clear to China, that Taiwan is not Ukraine from an American interest perspective and have a direct consequence on America's true national security, economically and geopolitical.

Taiwan is a direct national defense issue -- not just interest. Because America is a Pacific Ocean nation by means of the state of Hawaii, our territories in the pacific, in addition to Alaska. These parts of our nation are not attached to the mainland, but in the Pacific.

China is a "direct" threat to our national defense in the Pacific. The Taiwan Relations Act say clearly to China "Don't." No American is going to abide an attempt to violently takeover of Taiwan, including me. That's the reason I'm pushing for a 500-ship navy.

China must understand this logic, a legal reason is on the books in America, and America is a nation of law. Our nation stands by its ratified and executed word. I've directly discussed "dynamic neutrality" on the path to Constitutional neutrality in my book New America.

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