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In the coming AI Age it is crucial that Privacy be specifically enumerated as an explicit right in the Constitution .

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Section 1: The Right of the People to Privacy is fundamental to their freedom; except by duly executed warrant for probable cause for crime, neither the United States nor any State, nor private citizen, or citizens organized against any person, or corporation engaged in commerce, shall violate or abridge a person's right to privacy.


Section 2. The Right of the People to Privacy in their use of information technology through any gateway provider to any other internet service provider shall not be abridged. Nor shall the right to privacy be shared by corporation proxies, third party corporate agreements, intrusive media applications, or other information technology mediums designed to circumvent the right to privacy.


Section 3. We The People, find Artificial Intelligence a challenge to the Right to Privacy; therefore, no firm, entity, or corporation engaged in the development of Artificial Intelligence capable of individual ambulance robotics or incorporated into informational commerce, shall develop Artificial Intelligence systems, in any medium now or in the future to be developed, without providing therewith an ethical failsafe to prevent violations of the right to privacy.


Section 4: The use of public spaces, to violate a person's fundamental right to privacy, except by duly ordered Court Warrant, pursuant to the 4th and 14th Amendments particularity demands, shall be subject to criminal misdemeanor charges and private civic lawsuit on a preponderance of the evidence standard. (b) Public protests against designated service provider entities, government establishments or institutions or officials, or other public service providers shall not be construed to come within the orbit of violation of the Right to Privacy.


Section 5: All previous Supreme Court rulings implying limitations to the People's Right to Privacy in public spaces, or implying loss of the right to privacy in the informational technology space, which shall be below the standard of this Amendment, are hereby repealed and nullified by ratification of this Amendment.


Section 6: The Congress shall have the power to enforce this amendment by appropriate legislation.


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